Meaning of Atithi: Atithi Devo Bhava literally means "be one for whom the Mother is God, be one for whom the Father is God, be one for whom the Teacher is God , be one for whom the Guest is God" is a sankrit verse, taken from an ancient Hindu scripture which become part of the "code of conduct" for Hindu society. Atithi Devo Bhava regards a Procedure of the Host Guest relationship

Here the Guest is Nothing but "THE CUSTOMERS"

Atithi Enterprises was established by Mr.Rajesh Kumar backed by his rich experience of over 15years in Electrical Switchgear products. Emerged as a Distributor/Retailer of Schneider Electric, Eaton & HPL for Industrial & Building Electrical components like Transformer, ACB, MCCB, MCB, RCCB, DB’s, Modular Switches and many more.

Atithi Enterprises with its valued trust and to serve its customer better have expanded its operations with branch offices in Salem & Hosur.

To meet Customer needs and synchronize with the ever-changing technology trends Atithi Enterprises has ventured a new Business unit Athyantha Robotics & Automation focusing on Factory Automation, Home Automation and Robotics.


Atithi Enterprises will evolve as a Leading supplier for Quality Electrical Products. Serving the Customers with right products and services at affordable prices. Maintain Ethical Business practice with both Customers and Vendors.


1. To ensure that the commitments are met with in all aspects.
2. Continually Upgrade with latest Technology and help Customer use it for their Business Growth.
3. Hand hold and Support Customer with Technical Expertise right from Selection to Installation & beyond.
4. Care for the Environment and future Generation by supplying Environmentally Hazard Free products as a responsible Corporate Citizen.